Frontline Learning has a team of instructional learning designers and safety content development experts capable of producing customized safety and learning curriculum based on the specific needs of the customer.

Public and private organizations that adopt customized curriculum will require assistance in the integration of the resulting courses. Frontline Learning is committed to assisting its customers with the integration and will provide project planning, communication strategies, on-site and online resource support, project facilitation and other related services. Frontline Learning has a team of project managers and learning facilitators who will provide a full-service approach to assisting customers with the integration of Frontline Learning programs in their organization.

Frontline Learning believes that success in surviving and thriving in today's environment of change requires teamwork. The Frontline Learning design team is a unique mix of creative designers and developers.

Fees for customization and integration services will generally be charged on a project basis or a time and materials basis.

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