As the Chairman and CEO, it gives me great pride to introduce you to our company. Our growth is measured by customer satisfaction and I’d first like to say thank you to all of our existing customers who continue to find value in Frontline’s services.

Dedicated, motivated, and experienced, our staff approaches each job with a clear focus on meeting the customer’s needs. It has been 10 years of learning, for not only yourselves, but for us, as a service company – tight deadlines, short notice – we continue to learn and grow as an organization because you need our services 24/7.

We have been committed to providing safety support to many industries; and now we are offering on-line service to complement existing deliver means with one that will provides a cost effective, on time and in context on-line delivery model.

Frontline Learning is committed to working with you to solve your safety challenges. Please have a look at our site and if you have a safety request, give us a try. Contact us at or phone (902) 481-7700.

Tom Hickey

Mr. Hickey was the past President and principal of Frontline Safety. He began the company in 1995 and has continually lead the company into new markets. Today the company is involved in consulting, training, breathing air equipment and gas detection rentals, safety audits and was one of the first companies in North America to provide internet based safety training.

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